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  • #133914281 New York Taxi in the sunlight
  • #34843570 New York taxi
  • #236183693 New York City
  • #42508153 TYellow taxis in New York City, USA.
  • #44846834 Avenue avec des taxis à New York.
  • #125993946 oil painting on canvas, street view of New York, man and woman, yellow taxi, modern Artwork, New York in gray and yellow colors, American city, illustration New York
  • #172277527 People crossing the busy intersection between traffic on 3rd Avenue and 10th Street in Manhattan in New York City with the glow of sun light in the background
  • #332626692 Taxi on the Brooklyn bridge
  • #15231811 Taxies in Manhattan
  • #282481755 Aerial view of the large and spectacular buildings in New York City
  • #178428344 Tilt-shift view of a crosswalk in a New-York city avenue, USA
  • #273658702 New York, streets. High buildings, cars and cabs
  • #321472907 Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, USA
  • #245599357 Yellow cabs waiting for green light on the crossroad of streets of New York City during sunny summer daytime
  • #269924966 A woman with an umbrella and red high heels shoes is crossing the 42nd street in Manhattan. Cars and steam coming out from from the manholes in the background. New York City, Usa.
  • #252159531 New York City Manhattan SoHo street at sunset time background
  • #302978669 Urban setting view of busy midtown district on Manhattan with tall building and busy traffic on roads, Broadway avenue of megalopolis with skyscrapers and crowded street walking pedestrians and cars
  • #92182281 Defocused blur of Times Square in New York City with lights at night and taxi cab
  • #187769936 NEW YORK CITY - Januar 3: Taxi cars street, a busy tourist intersection of commerce Advertisements and a famous street of New York City and US, seen on Januar 3, 2018 in New York, NY.
  • #149353230 Straßenverkehr in New York City - Gelbe Taxi, Bewegungsunschärfe
  • #76617406 New York Taxi
  • #35399247 New York taxis
  • #329818451 Columbus Circle, New York - March 8, 2020: New York City a Week Before The Citywide Shutdown Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • #277036061 New York, USA
  • #204242358 Rangée de taxis à New-York
  • #186429671 oil painting on canvas, street view of New York, man and woman, yellow taxi, modern Artwork, American city, illustration New York
  • #229241200 Busy intersection of 23rd Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan with crowds of diverse people crossing in front of cars and taxis in New York City
  • #184585760 taxi New York chantier
  • #29031556 Taxi in New York
  • #60653350 Taxis on fifth avenue, New York city.
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